Hiromi Tango

Credit: Hiromi Tango
Credit: Hiromi Tango

World-renowned artist Hiromi Tango first connected with IMB in 2023 through the Brisbane Festival. Since first stepping into our labs in 2023, she has continued to be inspired by our research. 

An artist inspired by science

Hiromi Tango is a Japanese Australian Artist who migrated to Australia in 1998 from Shikoku Island, Japan. She has been a resident of the Bundjalung Country, Tweed Heads, NSW since 2014.

For nearly two decades, Hiromi Tango has focused on the intersection between art and science, with a particular focus on health and mental wellbeing. Drawing on her own experiences of anxiety, her installations and performances traverse the embodied self, the emotional terrain of our relationships with others, and the healing possibilities of art. She has collaborated with numerous scientists, health professionals and research institutions, exploring how various aspects of the art-making process can contribute to positive mental wellbeing.

Her latest work, 花弁 Hanabira (Gentle Petal) (2024), will be shown at the Museum of Brisbane from 2 March - 11 August 2024.

花弁 Hanabira (Gentle Petal) - now showing

花弁 Hanabira (Gentle Petal) is a community-led project that will transform Adelaide Street Pavilion into a vibrant sanctuary, inspiring healing and social connection.

Showing 2 March 2024 10:00am–11 August 2024 4:00pm

Free event - no registration required.

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Growing medicines in plants

Hiromi was greatly inspired by Professor David Craik who pioneered the technique of growing medicines in plants. She is in awe of the healing power of plants and technology we have to enhance them. 


Previous IMB-inspired works

Hiromi Tango, “Hiromi Hotel: YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower)”, 2023.

Hiromi Hotel: YU KA 夢花

We partnered with Brisbane Festival and internationally renowned artist Hiromi Tango to present the world premiere of YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower), a work of rainbow-coloured giant peony flowers. YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower) explores ideas of transformation.

Hiromi says: "Nature holds so many inspiring examples of transformation, and this is a theme that I often explore through my artwork. I have had a long-standing passion for exploring transformations in nature through both an artistic and scientific lens.

"The relationship between nature and nurture, ideas about what is embedded in our genes and how we can positively influence our health through the choices that we make and exploring the healing power of nature have all been recurrent themes in my work over the last 15 years." 

Experience the colour of Hiromi Hotel

September 2023

Hiromi Tango, Nature Étude, 2023.

Nature Étude

Hiromi Tango created this new commission inspired by our research. Can you spot the four references to IMB in Nature Étude? 

This showing has now concluded. 


Spot the science

Have you seen Nature Étude and spotted the science hiding throughout? Perhaps you can see some now in the image... Find out more below to see if you spotted it all and what each easter egg means.

Spot the science

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