We dare to imagine

a world free of disease

We dare to imagine

a world free of disease

We've been tackling some of the world's greatest health and environmental challenges for 21 years.

See how we are daring to imagine a better future.


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21 years of IMB achievements


400 dedicated researchers

12 pharma companies

World's largest venom library
650+ possible new medicines



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Whether it be for cancer, heart, kidney, infectious disease such as COVID-19, chronic pain, stroke or diseases in plants and animals - IMB is where drug discovery and cures start.

100% of donations received go directly to funding UQ’s game changer health and environmental research. It is only with the support of generous donors and partners that we can continue to drive discovery to realise new drugs and treatments for diseases and disorders, pesticides and solar technologies that are more affordable, sustainable and accessible for Queenslanders and beyond.

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