Complex Traits are measures, diseases and disorders that are underpinned by multiple genetic and non-genetic factors. Genomic analyses of human complex traits are characterised by data sets of many (currently up to hundreds of thousands) individuals and many genomic features (can be millions) per individual. A key focus of our research is the generation of new analytical methods and tools, with applications to multi-omics data (software) to develop better analysis, prediction and diagnostic tools from genomic data, mostly implemented into GCTA.

By integration of our method development with disease-focused themes we aim for fast translation to clinically relevant applications, while also allowing other researchers to apply in the full range of disease domains. The fundamental nature of our research, driven by the nature of complex genetic traits and disorders, includes analysis of millions of genomic data points measured on tens to hundreds of thousands of people. Our research is a Big Data problem.

Funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and from the University of Queensland is provided to maintain and expand capacity in statistical genomics, to train and mentor researchers in statistical genetics applied to complex traits.

Within the University of Queensland, we have established a Complex Trait Genomics Alliance linking the groups across the university who work on genetics of complex traits both in humans and other species. This theme is led by Dr Jian Zeng.

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Dr Jian Zeng

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow
Institute for Molecular Bioscience