Nanocellulose is a natural high value polymer that can be derived from algae,  with many applications ranging from flexible electronics to biomedical applications

Objective/mission (The vision): To identify, purify and characterise novel forms of nanocellulose for a range of high value biopolymers and nanomaterials

Research approach (The initiative): Based on extensive phylogenetic analysis specific microalgae production species will be selected, and production optimised (e.g. using robotic nutrient and light screens). Design, refine and validate nanocellulose purification processes.

Impacts and applications: Species selection and Downstream process optimisation offer the opportunity to extract novel nanocellulose types with unique characteristics for new high value applications.

Project members

Key contacts

Professor Ben Hankamer

Professorial Research Fellow
Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Dr Ian Ross

Senior Biologist
Institute for Molecular Bioscience