Ignite Innovation

It starts with a spark

IMB is dedicated to delivering research outcomes that make a big impact, but we know that all great inventions and breakthroughs start with a single idea.

Imagine…. A curious medical researcher testing deadly spider venom discovers a way to fast-track recovery in stroke patients. Then a second scientist takes that idea and tests it further, discovering a promising treatment for heart attack victims.

Imagine… Funding ground-breaking treatment for blood diseases, a new way to manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease or a pill that negates the need for costly surgeries.

IMB’s talented scientists dared to imagine and are igniting ideas that spark change across the globe and you can all play a pivotal role in turning big ideas into big breakthroughs.

Join us for the Ignite Innovation Showcase to hear from three inspiring finalists, as they passionately pitch their cutting-edge ideas to an audience of philanthropists, investors, fellow researchers and more. Experience the thrill of the annual “Shark Tank-style” live event where researchers pitch their impact projects for seed funding.

Help turn their research into world-leading breakthroughs that will benefit generations to come. Your support could be the catalyst to help our scientists gain wider investment in lifesaving ideas and new treatments.

Ignite Innovation Finalists

Congratulations to our 2022 Finalists!

A. Prof. Frederic Gachon
Transforming intensive care units to prevent PTSD
Dr Enakshi Sinniah
Enhancing early diagnoses to tailor treatment for heart disease
Dr Conan Wang
Reawakening the immune system to fight cancer



Imagine a $10 bandage replacing a $100,000 oxygen therapy

A spark of inspiration can come at any time and anywhere - even underwater. Dr Melanie Oey, a researcher and keen SCUBA diver, was on a dive one day when she saw a sea slug, which breathes underwater using oxygen produced by microalgae on its skin. It sparked an idea in Dr Oey, a microalgae researcher herself: a translucent bandage containing microalgae that generate oxygen, which is essential for all stages of wound healing and can be available immediately. Dr Oey's spark of inspiration won her the 2021 Ignite Innovation Showcase, and she is now partnering with doctors and industry to progress her idea into reality.

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Ignite Innovation seed funding frees the next generation of scientists to look at problems with fresh eyes, explore out-of-the-box solutions and create genuine, lasting impact.

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Ignite Innovation 2021 Finalists

Watch the highlights from the 2021 Ignite Innovation Awards as three inspiring researchers compete for funding for their innovative solutions to blood clotting diseases, wounds, and cardiovascular disease.



Dr Nathan Palpant

Heart muscle cells fail to pump effectively when stressed by disease conditions like heart failure. My research has shown that enhancing the interaction in the troponin complex, which controls heart cell contraction, improves cardiac pump performance under disease conditions. We screened for cyclic peptides that enhance interactions of the troponin complex and identified TROP-L01. Studies indicate that TROP-L01 crosses the membrane of heart cells and improves contraction of human heart cells without any adverse effects on relaxation or excitation-contraction coupling. We aim to advance studies to assess safety and efficacy of TROP-L01 as novel treatment for failing hearts.


Dr Simon de Veer

Blood clotting is vital for preventing blood loss after injury, but it also drives life-threatening diseases and presents a major challenge in medical procedures. We designed, and are patenting, an early-stage candidate that selectively inhibits coagulation factor XIIa, a genetically and clinically validated target for developing next-generation drugs that specifically block disease-related clotting. The inhibitor was engineered from a cyclic peptide discovered in the seeds of a tropical plant, and is highly effective at blocking factor XIIa-initiated clotting in human plasma, but has no activity on injury-related clotting. Funding will support additional foundational studies to attract commercial partners.


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