Exploring new frontiers for curing childhood brain cancer

Institute for Molecular Bioscience researchers are exploring new frontiers in the fight against childhood brain cancer.

Dr Laura Genovesi, Dr Samantha Stehbens and Dr Anne Lagendijk are using these new discoveries to better understand this deadly disease which could lead to better frontline treatments.

"What we really need are new models to attack this disease," Dr Genovesi said.

"We're taking three completely different scientists from different fields to work together to tackle a particular problem."

There are many aspects to this disease that have never really been studied in detail, and together, these researchers aim to reveal some of these aspects.

Life-changing research requires significant funding. With every donation, large or small, you will help our remarkable researchers get closer to disrupting the present treatment of medulloblastoma brain tumours to save little brains across the globe. We hope this opportunity is of interest to you and look forward to discussing the potential next steps with you.

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Last updated:
4 February 2021