IMB researchers honoured by Australian Academy of Science

3 April 2024

Two IMB researchers have been recognised in the Australian Academy of Science 2024 honorific awards for their significant contributions to advancing our understanding of complex health and medical challenges.

Emeritus Professor Peter Koopman and Dr Sonia Shah join Associate Professor Kirsty Short as University of Queensland recipients of the prestigious awards.

Emeritus Professor Koopman was awarded the Suzanne Cory Medal in recognition of his outstanding career in molecular genetics which has strengthened understanding of embryonic development, sex development, fertility, gonadal cancers, and intersex conditions.

Emeritus Professor Koopman was part of the research team that discovered the Y-chromosomal sex-determining gene, which is regarded as one of the major achievements in molecular genetics in the 20th century.

Dr Shah received the Ruth Stephens Gani Medal for her research to understand how DNA increases a person’s risk of heart disease, which has helped to improve prevention and treatment pathways.

Dr Shah’s research has a focus on improving disease prevention in women and genetically diverse groups who currently remain underdiagnosed and undertreated.

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