Cell video wins international award

3 Feb 2012

An IMB researcher has today been announced as one of the winners of an international scientific competition for a video showing the complexity of a pancreatic cell.

Dr Brad Marsh and former IMB PhD student Dr Andrew Noske, now at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research in San Diego gathered a wealth of information on the structure of pancreatic cells during their diabetes research.

They teamed up with Dr Graham Johnson, a medical illustrator from the Scripps Institute, who transformed their data into a video showing the cell and its components, known as organelles, how they fit together and how much of the cell is devoted to each with a simple narrative and graphics.

The video was awarded both First Prize and People’s Choice Award in the video category of the 2011 International Science & Engineering Visualisation Challenge, run by the journal Science and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

“The aim is to promote cutting-edge efforts to visualise scientific data, principles, and ideas – skills that are critical for communication among scientists and between scientists and the general public, especially students,” Colin Norman, News Editor of Science, wrote in the issue of the journal that announced the winners.

Challenge judge Tierney Thys said the team “manages to weave into one short video an unbelievable amount of information. From morphology to volumetrics and beyond, it presents completely different data sets in a seamless, accessible and aesthetic manner.”


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