IMB scholar wins Brilliance Award

6 Jun 2005

University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) student Mr David Bryant won the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation's Brilliance Award for his work to understand how cancer spreads through the body.

Mr Bryant, a PhD student with IMB's Associate Professor Jennifer Stow, said the award was a great surprise and honour given the quality of the finalists.

"I am fortunate that my area of research is both stimulating and challenging and that I have great support and mentoring from my supervisor Jenny Stow," he said.

"Metastasis, or the way cancers spread, is a highly complex process, and understanding what occurs at the molecular level will enable earlier recognition and more effective prevention strategies through new therapeutics and diagnostics."

Associate Professor Stow said: "This award is recognition of David's commitment and hard work through the course of his PhD."

"David has demonstrated novel pathways for the trafficking and regulation of tumour suppressors and growth factor receptors that impact on a cell's ability to metastasise," she said.

For 37 years the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation has funded cancer and leukaemia research programs. The Foundation has funded grants across all areas of cancer research, including children's cancers, breast, bowel, skin, prostate, thyroid and bladder cancers and leukaemia.

IMB is at the forefront of the drive to understand the programming and regulation of mammalian growth and development, which will significantly impact on human health through new therapeutics and diagnostics.