New building allows new appointments

25 Sep 2003

Two internationally recognised scientists have migrated north to the University of Queensland (UQ) to further their research exploring Australia's biodiversity and setting up a world class proteomics facility.

Professor Jeff Gorman and Professor Rob Capon have been attracted by the world class facilities and collaborative opportunities available at UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) in the Queensland Bioscience Precinct.

IMB Director Professor John Mattick said these new appointments enhanced the Institute's research profile in proteomics and biodiversity research.

"Rob Capon is setting up the Centre for Molecular Biodiversity which will become an international centre of excellence for research into natural bioactives and chemical genomics," Professor Mattick said.

"IMB, with its proximity to both the marine and terrestrial biodiversity of Queensland, is an ideal location to take this type of research to a new level in Australia and internationally."

Professor Gorman is a joint appointment with CSIRO and will set up a core proteomics facility in partnership with CSIRO. This strategic move in an important emerging area of research is a significant step in creating a collaborative research environment between IMB and CSIRO, the two major parties in the Queensland Bioscience Precinct.

"Jeff's research will assist in developing therapeutics to combat viral infections and other important medical conditions, while his experience in establishing state-of-the-art protein analytical laboratories makes him a unique candidate in an area IMB would like to strengthen," Professor Mattick said.

"His research will investigate protein-protein interactions and explore the impact of viruses on the patterns of gene and protein expression in infected cells.

"Both Jeff and Rob are recognised as leading experts in their fields of research and both have excellent publication and funding records along with established networks of university, CSIRO and industry collaborations."

Prior to joining IMB, Professor Gorman was a senior principal research scientist with CSIRO/the Biomolecular Research Institute in Victoria. He is on the editorial boards of several leading journals in the field of protein and proteomic research.

Professor Capon was formerly a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne where he led the Marine and Natural Products Research Group.