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What did you study in your undergraduate degree?

Zherui Xiong
Mr Zherui Xiong

Biomedical Science

Why did you choose IMB to undertake your research?

I chose IMB because IMB is one of the leading research institutes within UQ. IMB provides researchers with cutting-edge technologies and a range of research infrastructure facilities that foster breakthrough discoveries in bioscience

Do you have any tips for future students interested in life sciences research?

Have a research question that you are passionate about.

What research are you currently working on?

I'm current working on a gene that is involved in muscle cell differentiation. Mutations in this gene have been found to associate with human muscular dystrophy. However, the detail molecular mechanism is still unclear. Therefore, my research is to investigate the function of this gene by identifying its protein binding partners and downstream signal pathway.

What interested you in joining the IMB Science Ambassador Program?

Being a science ambassador provides an excellent opportunity to learn interpersonal and communication skills as well as develop confidence in public speaking.

What do you enjoy doing out of free time?

Cooking, hiking, going to the beach.