A deep dive into the often lifelong journeys and struggles of people with infection, pain and other chronic illnesses. Personal and inspiring stories fueling IMB’s pursuit of cutting-edge research.

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Season Two


Heart disease is the leading cause of death yet despite decades of research we still don't have new therapeutics. Associate Professor Nathan Palpant may have the next breakthrough.

After her mother suffered a stroke, Pauline’s thirst for knowledge led her to IMB and its ground-breaking research.

Wracked with pain and burdened with chronic fatigue for most of her young life, Breanna decided she’s not  going to be defined by her fibromyalgia diagnosis. 

Rob is a self-proclaimed microbial crusader and chemist, who has scaled the globe to unearth potential lifesaving drug solutions.

Larisa, a virologist and dedicated researcher, discusses the almost insurmountable challenges she has faced to continue her vital COVID-19 and infectious disease research in face of a global pandemic. 

IMB’s co-founding directors Peter and John reflect on the legacy they ignited and the realisation of their shared passion to establish Queensland as a leader in the knowledge economy to drive drug discovery for better health.

Season One

Listen to Karen’s moving lifelong journey with an often debilitating auto-inflammatory disease that drover her hunger for better insights to combat it. This path lead to her into the lab with IMB’s Centre for Inflammation & Disease Research to discover the keys to unlocking her personal mystery.


Tara Rimmer, a successful and driven entrepreneur, shares her remarkable story of powering on through a debilitating and devastating journey with endometriosis.


Giovanna Leung, a UQ graduate and IMB research champion, shares her story of perseverance and bravery in the face of a long battle with chronic pain.


Joseph Donataccio is on the Philanthropy and Engagement board at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience and talks about his experience as a stroke survivor.