Soils for Science Partners

Soils for Science Partners are organisations (ie schools, colleges, farms, companies and local councils) interested in working with UQ to achieve our Soils for Science citizen science goals to sample soils from across Australia, to fast-track the discovery of next-generation antibiotics.

To be eligible to be a Soils for Science Partner an organisation must have a valid ABN/ACN.

Becoming a Soils for Science Partner

Please email us: and request a copy of the Soils for Science Partner Agreement and instructions on how to proceed. Once you read, agree, sign, and return the document we will review, countersign, and provide you with an executed copy of the agreement. On receiving your executed agreement your organisation is now a Soils for Science Partner.

Benefits for Soils for Science Partners

  • Cross Promotion: Soils for Science Partners will receive media resources from UQ that they can use to promote their involvement in Soils for Science. Likewise, Soils for Science Partners can provide UQ with media resources that we can use to promote partner involvement on the Soils for Science website and in presentations, social media posts etc.
  • Special Kits: We will work with Soils for Science Partners to understand their needs and will design and supply purpose-built soil sampling kits ranging from 100 to 500 sample bags.
  • Education and Presentations: Where appropriate we will work with partners to provide online and/or in person presentations to their staff, students, members, to explain the aims of Soils for Science, and the need to develop new antibiotics.

Responsibilities of a Soils for Science Partner

Soils for Science Partners agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Soils for Science Agreement, which include following the instructions provided with soil sampling kits, to collect more than 100 soils, and to register these in the Soils for Science app prior to returning them to UQ.

Thank you to our partners

Featured Partner: Capricorn Conservation Council

Capricorn Conservation Council has been the peak environmental advocacy group protecting the Central Queensland environment for almost 50 years. They advocate for better environmental policy, support local groups, and protect natural landscapes and marine environments. The CCC encourage action on climate change through education and community engagement and we work alongside community to be a voice for the environment.

The Capricorn Conservation Council Coordinator, Sophie George, shares; "We are exited to become partners with UQ and be part of the Soils for Science Project as we understand the fundamental importance of soil for all ecosystems. We must conserve our Ancient Australian soils and do our best to protect their fertility and biodiversity. We are looking forward to learning with community, through this Citizen Science Project and spreading soil health awareness across our community."