The IMB Executive Office and Communications team administers the IMB Impact Awards program.

Staff members who serve on the selection committee are not eligible for an individual or team award during the year they serve.

Committee members can nominate other individuals and teams, providing they declare their nominations as early as possible to the committee and remove themselves during the selection committee's deliberations for the award category in which they have nominated.

Our 2017 IMB Impact Awards committee members are:

  • Ms Anna Eves | Associate Director, Organisational and Leadership Development, UQ
  • Dr Cherrell Hirst AO | IMB Advisory Board
  • Professor Tim Dunne | Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Office of the Provost, UQ
  • Dr Jodi Clyde-Smith | Deputy Director (Operations & Strategy), IMB
  • Professor Peter Koopman | Deputy Director (Research), IMB

The selection committee’s recommendation and the IMB Director's endorsement of an award are not subject to internal appeal or review.