Survival of multicellular organisms depends on their ability to fight infection, metabolize nutrients and store energy for times of need. Therefore, inflammation and metabolism are two fundamental biological processes that are very critical to govern life. Immunology and endocrinology have traditionally been listed as separate entities in many physiology textbooks. However, we have now realized that they have evolved somewhat in parallel, and have now meandered back, intersecting to create an exciting new field of research: ”immunometabolism”. Our studies focus on the various aspects of immunometabolism, from mediators and signaling pathways to therapeutic opportunities. We are exploring the mechanisms of metabolic control of immune response, and vice versa, in physiology and under metabolic, inflammatory & infectious stress. By uncovering the nexus between inflammation and metabolism, as well as identifying novel therapeutic targets, we aim to develop more effective drugs that can treat the underpinning causes of inflammatory, metabolic diseases and cancers.

Traineeships, honours and PhD projects include

  • Control of cellular metabolism by inflammatory G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)
  • G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) drug discovery and signaling in inflammation and cancer
  • Drug mechanisms of action (cell & molecular biology, signaling pathways, enzymology, GPCRs)
  • Pharmacology (animal models of inflammatory diseases, allergies & asthma, metabolic diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancers)

Project members

Project Supervisor