Researcher biography

Dr Daniel Liang-Dar Hwang is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. He studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate at the National Taiwan University and a Masters in Biotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania. Following graduation, he conducted research at the Monell Chemical Senses Center where he first developed a keen interest in genetics and the perception of smell and taste (See his taste work in The Conversation). Later he secured a scholarship from the University of Washington to complete a Masters in Nutrition and a QIMR Berghofer PhD scholarship to complete a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology. Dr Hwang applies statistical methodologies to twins and large-scale genetic data to understand how genes influence human perception, dietary behaviour and related chronic disorders (e.g., obesity, cardiometabolic disease and cancer). He has published in top-tier journals, including the eLife, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, International Journal of Epidemiology, and PLOS Genetics, with a total of >30 peer-review publications. Dr Hwang is on the editorial boards of the Twin Research and Human Genetics and the Frontiers in Genetics. Dr Hwang's current research focuses on developing statistical genetic methods for personalized intervention and family-based Mendelian randomization. Dr Hwang is a Leadership Team member of the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research, a global initiative to understand the relationship between smell loss and COVID-19 and foster the advancement of chemosensory science at large. Dr Hwang's work has been referred in international health policy guidelines and a WHO report for the intervention of childhood obesity and cited in an international patent for personalized wine selection.