UQ Project Three Billion

The University of Queensland 's Project 3 Billion (UQ3B) is a UQ research centre which focuses on identifying functional variation in the genome with health and economic applications.

The three billion (3B) base pairs of mammalian genomes provide the blueprint of life controlling the complex regulatory machinery that ensures the right parts of the genetic code are turned on in the correct cells, at the appropriate time and in the right amount.

By applying advanced techniques in DNA and RNA sequencing, statistical genomics, epigenetics and functional biology, the goal of UQ3B is to decode the critical base changes that influence disease processes and explain variation between individuals, in order to make significant advances in genetics of disease and functional studies to develop new diagnostic methods and treatment targets across a range of diseases.

Established under the broader umbrella of the UQ Genomics Initiative, UQ3B is an example that highlights the wealth of capabilities in genomics UQ has to offer.

With leadership from Professors Grant Montgomery (Director) and Naomi Wray (Deputy Director), UQ3B harnesses expertise from multiple institutes, including Institute for Molecular BioscienceĀ (IMB), Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), and Diamantina Institute (UQDI).

The UQ Project 3 Billion is based at IMB and commenced operations in January 2017.

For further information on UQ3B and collaborative opportunities, please email Professor Grant Montgomery atĀ g.montgomery1@uq.edu.au.