Meet the Researchers: We dare to imagine a better future

Meet four IMB researchers whose passion to drive discovery is bringing us a better future.

Meet the Researchers: COVID-19 research response

Given the current state of health globally, and the urgent need for critical health research to provide insights to combat the current pandemic, IMB’s leading life science researchers have shifted focus in support of this. The last Meet the Researchers of 2020 present an opportunity to showcase these projects and detail for you how we are driving discovery for solutions to combat the impact of COVID-19 for patients now and in the future.


Meet the Researchers: Changing the future for women 

This webinar features 4 female researchers’ and their passion to drive discovery in changing the future of women’s health. The panel highlighted their work to combat diseases like breast cancer, endometriosis, UTI and inflammation.


Meet the Researchers: Putting an end to common disease

The second webinar of the Meet the Researchers Series highlighed how four IMB researchers are investigating solutions to common diseases like stroke, inflammatory bowel disease, pain and cardiovascular disease. 


Meet the Researchers: The future of health and wellbeing

The third webinar of the Meet the Researchers Series showcased four of IMB’s top researchers who are committed to finding solutions to the world’s problems including plant drug development, biofuels, motor neurone disease and antibiotic resistance.