Who can enter?

All IMB staff (academic and professional services) and students can enter.

What kind of content can I submit?

'Content' can take the form of any scientific images (microscopy, etc.), photos, videos, artworks, dataplots, visualisations, 3D structures, non-fiction written pieces, comics, infographics, educational drawings and sketches and more.

Some content will be produced during the course of IMB research, such as microscopy images, whereas other content, such as artworks or written pieces, may be inspired by IMB research. Both are acceptable for submission.

All submitted content must be relevant to IMB science and a true and reasonable representation of current scientific understanding/knowledge.


Can I submit more than one content piece?

You can submit as many original content pieces (images, artworks, multimedia, non-fiction writing etc.) as you wish.

However, each original content piece must be submitted to one award category only (imaging multimedia or science communication).

Can I submit someone else's image/artwork on their behalf?

No. You can only submit content you have produced. However, you can encourage your colleagues to submit their content before submissions close.

Can I submit an image from an upcoming manuscript?

Unfortunately not. Content must not violate any copyright or contain any embargoed or commercial-in-confidence content or intellectual property. If it hasn't been published by the time submissions close (3 October), it cannot be submitted.

Can I submit old content?

You can submit content produced from 2014 onwards. This is to ensure that only content relevant to current IMB research is considered.

Where will my content be published/shared?

Your content will be promoted publicly by IMB and SIMBA and shared with people via social media, digital channels (web, e-newsletters, etc.), printed publications (fact sheets, reports, etc.) and more.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to consult you each time we use your content, however, we will always credit you where possible.

What if I need help with writing a plain language description of my image/artwork?

Submitting a plain language description is important because it helps us share the story of your research and will excite and inspire the community about your IMB research and its impact.

We ask you to do your best at providing an original plain language description (suitable for non-scientists) of your content that explains what it is and why it is important to your research and its impact.

If you need help with this, please don't hesitate to reach out to the IMB Communications team for support.

What if I still have questions?

If you have any questions regarding these awards and the submission process, please contact communications@imb.uq.edu.au.