Combating the global chronic health effects of COVID-19

Our race to defeat a global menace.



Cover of Healthy Ageing booklet showing a smiling woman

Drive discovery for healthy ageing

Unveiling the secrets to healthy ageing.



Paediatric brain tumours: a new frontier for therapy

To make a difference for future, generations of children, we urgently need philanthropic support.



Cancer diagnosis  

Breakthroughs in genomics and machine learning hold the clue to defeating cancer. We aim to potentially save millions of lives through using revolutionary diagnosis technologies to detect and identify cancer earlier and improve treatment options.



Ending endometriosis pain

Finding answers for endometriosis in genetic markers. We aim to find the genetic targets—inherent and environmental—that will respond to new treatments for different subtypes of endometriosis.



Neural birth defects

Exploring how the neural tube first forms in real time to understand birth defects. We aim to understand how the early brain and spinal cord form in real-time.



Pain relief

Tapping into nature for tailored relief stopping pain at the source. We aim to improve the quality of life for millions of Australians who live with chronic pain every day.




We aim to save more than 700,000 lives every year by preventing antibioticresistant bacteria becoming a pandemic problem in an age of faster and far-reaching global interaction.



Pain research

Creating cutting edge new treatments for cancer, without debilitating side effects. We aim to not only improve the quality of life of children treated with vincristine, but also increase the survival of children with a poor prognosis.

   Pain research


Stopping Global Killers

We need better treatments for COVID-19 and Influenza, and the next unknown pandemic virus. We aim to understand exactly how inflammation is triggered by viruses like Influenza and SARS-CoV-2. This will save lives by protecting people across the globe in the next viral pandemic.



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