Fighting inflammatory diseases that kill millions of people worldwide

Inflammation is an essential part of our health, but it can also be a killer. 

Inflammation helps the body fight off infections, but when the inflammatory response becomes unbalanced it can lead to a host of diseases including inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many more. 

At IMB, we are working to develop new drugs, diagnostics and treatments for the millions of people suffering inflammation-related diseases of the:

  • gastrointestinal tract (e.g. inflammatory bowel diseases)
  • liver (e.g. fatty liver disease, viral hepatitis)
  • bone and joints (e.g. rheumatoid and osteoarthritis)
  • respiratory tract (e.g. asthma)
  • brain and spinal cord (e.g. dementia, Alzheimer’s disease)
  • metabolic and cardiovascular systems (e.g. obesity, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease)
  • skin (e.g. dermatitis, psoriasis, itch, lupus). 

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