Like it or not, our lives are lived in a permanent state of impermanence. And, not unlike a delicate yet mesmerizing bubble, our time is finite.

Ephemeral is an immersive light and sound environment exploring the concept of ephemerality, representing it as that of a bubble. By day, this larger-than-life sculpture emulates the magical qualities of bubbles by using dichroic film to create the illusion of bubble-like colours and form.

At night, the personality of the sculpture shifts as the lighting animations bounce inside the reflective shell of the spheres, creating a whole new experience for the audience to explore.

By sunshine or by moonlight, experience the pure magic of Ephemeral, and consider the gentle reminder that life is to be lived with no guarantees of another tomorrow.

So, make like a bubble and *pop* on down to BOQ Festival Garden before they blow away!

See the Brisbane Festival website for more details on times and accessibility.

About Brisbane Festival

IMB is partnering with the Brisbane Festival to ask the big - and small - questions and discover what makes our city tick. 

Join us for our Sip and Science series where we explore the intersection of art and science through three conversations between artists and researchers; discover Ephemeral - a free art installation by award-winning Atelier Sisu, located in the BOQ Festival Garden at South Bank; and participate in our fun school holiday program!