Hiromi Hotel: YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower) (2023)

Hiromi Hotel: YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower) (2023)

Fri 1 Sep 2023 9:00amSat 23 Sep 2023 5:00pm


South Bank, Brisbane

We have partnered with Brisbane Festival and internationally renowned artist Hiromi Tango to present the world premiere of YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower), a work of rainbow-coloured giant peony flowers. YU KA 夢花 (Dream Flower) explores ideas of transformation.

Hiromi says: "Nature holds so many inspiring examples of transformation, and this is a theme that I often explore through my artwork. I have had a long-standing passion for exploring transformations in nature through both an artistic and scientific lens.

"The relationship between nature and nurture, ideas about what is embedded in our genes and how we can positively influence our health through the choices that we make and exploring the healing power of nature have all been recurrent themes in my work over the last 15 years."  

See it now at Australian Retirement Trust Festival Garden, South Bank, Brisbane.