Who is eligible to nominate or be nominated?

All IMB staff and students are eligible to be nominated for the IMB Impact Awards. This includes:

  • honours and higher degree by research students
  • research and academic staff
  • professional services staff.

An individual or team may be nominated by a staff member or student (nominator) for an IMB Impact Award.

Eligibility criteria

  • An award may be granted to an individual or a team
  • A recipient of an IMB Impact Award is only eligible for re-nomination in subsequent years on the basis of new efforts or achievement
  • An award recipient who is no longer employed or enrolled at IMB at the time of the announcement of the awards will be issued a Certificate of Recognition, but they will not be entitled to an award prize.

Information for nominees

All nominees are expected to attend the IMB Impact Awards ceremony at the QBP auditorium on Friday 15 December 2017.

If you cannot make it, please notify the IMB Events team as soon as possible.

Individual nominees

All individual nominees will receive a certificate of recognition.

A winning individual will receive a certificate of recognition and a prepaid Visa card.

Team nominees

All team nominees will receive a certificate of recognition for each team member.

A winning team will receive a certificate of recognition for each team member and a voucher for a team building activity or team lunch.

Announcement of award winners

Winners will be announced at the annual IMB Director’s end-of-year address. At this whole-of-institute celebration, winners will also be presented with their awards and recognised by their colleagues for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the institute.