At IMB, our researchers are partnering with our generous supporters to use life itself to change the world.

Imagine being part of a journey to discover new knowledge and translate these discoveries into solutions to positively impact the health of our families, communities and the environment.

Our researchers are uncovering the mysteries behind superbug infection, pain, heart disease, inflammation, solar biotechnology and the interplay of genomics and disease. We also investigate cancer, brain injury and disease, the environment and agricultural solutions.

With your help, we can solve some of the world's greatest health and environmental challenges.

Where to give and ways to give

Why gifts matter

Your support gives our world-leading researchers the space and freedom to ask the big questions, backed up by cutting-edge technologies that allow us to move beyond the known.

Gifts can seed a new research program and provide the data and evidence needed to receive government funding. Or, gifts can bridge the gap between discovery research and the translation that is necessary before industry will support a project.

Our generous donors are transforming the world into a better place through supporting research and translation.


Thank you to our generous supporters



Can I donate to specific research?

Yes, of course! Visit our Where to give page to learn more about the various research projects to which you can give. If you want to give to IMB research not featured on this page, please contact Acting IMB Director of Advancement Olga Chaourova by phone (07 3346 2196) or email to discuss other donation opportunities. However you choose to support us, you can be confident your gift will go directly to research in the area which you have nominated.

Or, you can give to Vital Research at IMB, which will mean your gift is directed to a priority area of research at IMB in need of funding at the time your gift is received. If you choose this option, you know that your gift will support our mission to use life itself to change the world through improving the health of people and the environment.

Can I book a tour of IMB or a particular research laboratory?

IMB regularly hosts building tours for individuals groups of various sizes. Tours are free and are led by our talented IMB Science Ambassadors, who are passionate about sharing our research and translation impacts with the community.

We look forward to meeting you!

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