UQ Genome Innovation Hub

Genome Innovation Hub (GIH) is a University of Queensland initiative and is part of UQ Research Infrastructure. GIH aims to develop innovative approaches to advance technologies in structural and functional analysis of genomes. The innovation hub will act as a collaborative research centre, working with UQ clinicians and scientists to implement novel and promising methodologies in projects focussed on the key areas of health, agriculture and the environment. Once implemented by GIH, these innovations (methods, protocols, software, expertise, etc.) will be made available through UQ Research Infrastructure Services, other UQ service providers, or through research groups willing to collaborate and/or train research staff in the newly developed approaches.

GIH conducts yearly collaborations with UQ researchers through awarding a GIH External Project. For 2020 project application information and the selection criteria, please see the information below and the UQ Research Infrastructure webpage.

2019 External Project Recipients

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of a 2019 GIH External Project. We look forward to collaborations between GIH and the recipients to develop breakthroughs and new methods for genomics in the areas of health, agriculture and environment. 

Single cell Sequencing

Dr Quan Nguyen, A/Prof Andrew Mallett

Spatial genomics technologies to study cancer and genetic diseases in tissue contexts.

Prof Ernst Wolvetang, A/Prof Jessica Mar, Dr Shyuan Ngo

Automated single cell quantitative in situ gene expression in cells and tissues (AutoMerFISH).

Long read Sequencing

Dr Mathew Jones, Prof Paul Clarke

Applying long-read sequencing technology to understand telomere repair and DNA replication.

A/Prof Scott Beatson, Prof Mark Schembri, Prof Mark Walker

Discovery of new regulatory networks with long-read transcriptomics.

Gene editing

Dr Rebecca San Gil, Dr Adam Walker

Genome-wide CRISPR screening for modifiers of diverse cellular phenotypes.

Dr Emily Goodall, Prof Ian Henderson

Using transposon-sequencing to probe whole cell protein-protein interactions.


Application process and guidelines

Check out the UQ infrastructure funding page for information on the application process, selection criteria and submission guidelines. 


For further information on UQGIH and collaborative opportunities, please email Professor Grant Montgomery at g.montgomery1@uq.edu.au.

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