Single cell and computational genomics

Paving the way for a disease free future

All populations have massive burdens of disease. People live for years with the disability caused by common (complex) diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. But, with rapid advances in technology including gene editing, gene therapy, drug repositioning and clinical early development, a future without common disease may be well within our grasp.

But it all rides on us first understanding how the genetic differences between individuals lead to causing disease.

The Powell Group use computational and statistical genomics to decipher large amounts of genomic sequence information to uncover disease-causing genes and the causal mechanisms that activate them. They are on the bleeding edge of science in the field, paving the way for a disease free future. 

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Dr Joseph Powell


Dr Joseph Powell

Group Leader, Genomics of Development and Disease Division, IMB

  +61 7 3346 2611
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  Group Leader

  • Dr Joseph Powell

    Group Leader, Genomics of Development and Disease Division
    Senior Research Fellow
    Institute for Molecular Bioscience
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    Queensland Brain Institute