We are interested in biologically-active peptides, their mode of action, their potential use for drug design and as tools to deliver macromolecules into cells. In our research we are focused on the concept that examination of the role of the cell membrane in the activity of therapeutic peptides is essential to improve potency and reduce toxicity of peptide-based drugs. Our research activities involve bioassays and biophysical studies (e.g. fluorescence spectroscopy, surface plasmon resonance, flow cytometry and confocal microscopy) with model membranes and with cells to identify the membrane properties that modulate peptide bioactivity.

Traineeships, honours and PhD projects include

  • Design and mode of action of antimicrobial peptides
  • Peptides to deliver macromolecules inside microorganisms
  • Characterization of cancer cell membranes
  • Cyclic peptides as scaffolds to design novel anticancer drugs

Project members

Project Supervisor

Dr Sonia Troeira Henriques

IMB Fellow
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Institute for Molecular Bioscience