Tim Bruxner is a Sequencing Specialist at the IMB Sequencing Facility.

Tim was awarded a PhD in 2008 for his research in the field of epigenetics under the supervision of Professor Emma Whitelaw at the University of Sydney. Tim has worked in the field of next-generation sequencing since 2008 in both academic and commercial service laboratories. This includes the time from 2011-2014 when he was involved in the sequencing work for the pancreatic and ovarian cancer projects of the International Cancer Genome Consortium in Professor Sean Grimmond’s lab at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. Tim’s experience in the next-generation sequencing field covers multiple technologies and applications.

The ISF team provides a next-generation sequencing service for multiple research disciplines, including agriculture, microbiology, drug discovery, and medical research. As part of the ISF, Tim takes a thorough approach to projects, from experimental design through to the laboratory work. Good initial project design is a critical requirement for good results, so by starting discussions at this point Tim can help researchers get optimal outcomes for their projects. Tim, in partnership with his ISF team members, has a proven track record when it comes to quality library preparation and sequencing.

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