Researcher biography

John Kemp is a senior research fellow at the University of Queensland. He first developed a keen interest in genetics while studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Pretoria (RSA). After being awarded a first for his honours degree, he secured a scholarship from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) to study a master's degree in medical genetics, which he subsequently completed with distinction. John was awarded a Wellcome Trust PhD studentship in molecular genetics and life-course epidemiology at the University of Bristol (UK). He duly completed his PhD, focussing on the genetics of osteoporosis (OP). His expertise lies in the genetic mapping of complex traits related to OP, and his research has yielded a step change in understanding the genetic architecture of OP. Through his extensive network of experts in functional genomics and murine genetics, he has mapped may OP loci to target genes and identified nine genes that represent new opportunities for drug development. These findings have since been published in top-tier journals such as Nature Genetics, and his contributions have been further recognised by the way of several international young investigator awards. His other interests include applying new statistical genetics methodologies to OP research, including approaches for causal modelling through Mendelian Randomization. John's expertise extends beyond statistical genetics, as he has >6 years of experience performing advanced molecular genetics laboratory techniques and has used these to advance his OP research.