(At least) five reasons you should wear gardening gloves>
- The Conversation - Dr Mark Blaskovich discusses the disease causing bacteria and fungi you could come in contact with while gardening - 9 January 2018

Supercharged antibiotics could turn tide against superbugs
- UQ News - Dr Mark Blaskovich, Professor Matt Cooper and colleagues have 'supercharged' an old antibiotic with potential to treat drug resistant bacteria - 5 January 2018

Dengue ‘Achilles heel’ insight offers hope for better vaccines
- UQ News - Professor Matt Cooper and colleagues from UQ and China's Zhu Jiang Hospital have identified how protective antibodies attack dengue viruses, providing the basis for anti-dengue therapy - 22 Dec 2017

Preclinical antibiotic pipeline gets a pick-me-up
- Nature Reviews Drug Discovery - Professor Matt Cooper comments on the antibiotic pipeline and the need for a new antibiotic discovery engine - 30 Oct 2017

'Getting Through the Discovery Wall' - antibiotic discovery webinar
- CO-ADD's Dr Johannes Zuegg joined other experts in a recent webinar hosted by Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD), on the hard task of finding new and effective antibiotics. Slides and a video are now available to view online - 5 Oct 2017

The next bug thing
- The Australian Research Special Report - Professor Matt Cooper discusses CO-ADD and crowdsourcing to stop the threat of antimicrobial resistance - 7 Sept 2017

The future of superbugs and their threat to humanity
- ABC Radio Nightlife interview with CO-ADD's Dr Johannes Zuegg and Trent Yarwood, an infectious disease physcician, on how antibiotic resistance spreads and why there are fewer antibiotics being made today - 1 May 2017

How to respond to the antibiotics crisis
- ABC Radio National Big Ideas program - highlights of Will Antibiotics Run Out? Presented at Bond University with Mark Blaskovich - 2 Nov 2016

Drug resistance and a coming pandemic
- ABC Radio National Future tense radio interview with Mark Blaskovich
30 Oct 2016

Paralympian highlights the importance of antibiotic research
- CO-ADD Ambassador Chris Bond shares his inspirational story in fighting a bacterial infection - 13 Sept 2016

UQ’s work on inflammatory disease treatment wins $22m global investment
- IMB CSS Director Professor Matthew Cooper has co-founded the company Inflazome Ltd with $22m global investment for inflammatory disease research 12 Sept 2016

So long, superbugs - crowdsourcing is here
- UQ Research Impact story for Research Week - 12 Sept 2016

ABC News article: Common cold or serious illness? Biomarkers can tell the difference and limit antibiotic misuse Courier Mail article: Test allowing doctors to distinguish bewteen viral and bacterial infections in sight
- IMB CSS Deputy-Director A/Prof Lachlan Coin says a new test to be available within a few years could save lives and reduce antibiotic use. Latest diagnostic research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association - 30 August 2016

ABC Brisbane radio interview on Antibiotics in Australia: the superbug capital of the world
Interview with Matt Cooper about the new Antibiotic Use in Australia (AURA) report, June 2016 - 19 June 2016

Future Medicinal Chemistry Commentary - Chemical philanthropy: a pathway forward for antibiotic discovery?
K Hansford, M Blaskovich and M Cooper (scientific publication) - 26 May 2016

Derek Lowe’s Science Magazine blog post – Want your compounds tested against pathogens for free?
- 20 May 2016

Nature Outlook Publication on Open Innovation – Fresh Hunting Ground – Matt Cooper
- 12 May 2016

SBS article – These three Aussie scientists are fighting the war on superbugs
– feat. Dr Alysha Elliott - 28 April 2016

ABC Catalyst special episode on Antibiotic Resistance
19 April 2016

Superbugs will 'kill every three seconds'
- ABC Radio- 19 May 2016

ABC Catalyst's epsiode on antibiotic resistance
- ABC Catalyst - 19 April 2016

Queensland scientists discover quick dengue test
- Brisbane Times; 13 November 2015

Resistance isn’t futile – how to tackle drug-resistant superbugs
- The Guardian; 19 July 2015

Crowdsourcing compounds to tackle antibiotic resistance
- Chemistry World; 19 June 2015

New antibiotics needed to fight drug-resistant superbugs, Queensland researchers warn
- ABC News; 18 June 2015

Superbugs: What are they and how are they treated?
- ABC News; 17 June 2015

Science down under
- Chemical & Engineering News; 23 March 2015

Qld discovery could be the key to better treatments for Alzheier's, arthritis, MS
- ABC radio; 17 February 2015

Lifesaving antibiotics losing effectiveness
- 7 News; 19 November 2014

Honey not a contender in the fight against superbugs
- The Conversation; 23 October 2013

Queenslands measles outbreak
- 4BC radio, 19 September 2013

Measles outbreak too wide for alerts
- Courier Mail; 19 September 2013

Superbug health Challenge
- 7 News - Today Tonight; 2 August 2013

Superbug threat grows and governments do nothing
- The Courier Mail; 17 July 2013

It's time to supercharge the war against superbugs
- The Drum on ABC News 24; 12 June 2013

Australia running out of time to combat the rise of the superbugs
- The Age; 9 June 2013

Legionnaires Outbreak
- ABC News 24 Live 4pm bulletin; 7 June 2013

Qld Health investigates delay in reporting potential legionnaires' outbreak
- ABC Radio National AM; 7 June 2013

Legionnaires disease at The Wesley Hospital
- ABC Radio National AM, 7 June 2013

Legionnaires' hits Wesley
- Radio 4BC; 6 June 2013

Germ warfare opens a new front
- Inside Story; 7 March 2013

New Antibiotics: what's in the pipeline?
- The Conversation; 7 December 2012

Unblocking the pipeline for new antibotics against superbugs
- The Conversation; 5 December 2012

The last stand: the strongest of the superbugs and their antibiotic nemisis
- The Conversation; 5 December 2012

Is Australia doing enough to stop superbugs?
- The Drum on ABC News 24; 5 November 2012

Rise of the Superbug
- ABC's Four Corners; 29 October 2012

Explainer: what are antibiotics?
- The Conversation; 29 October 2012

Would you like superbugs with that? Animal antibiotic use and human health
- The Conversation; 19 March 2012

New Sensor Listens To Drug Molecules
- C&EN Chemical & Engineering News; 12 March 2012

Antibiotic crisis grows while drug companies make lifestyle meds
- The Conversation; 22 November 2011

Deadly addiction
- Brisbane News, Channel 10; 25 August 2011

Water bugs
- Background Briefing; 24 July 2011

Dengue threat to blood stock
- The Sunday Tasmanian; 24 July 2011

Australian Red Cross Blood Service can't test for dengue due to lack of funding
- The Sunday Mail; 24 July 2011

Good vibrations
- Nature Medicine; July 2011

E. coli sprouts again
- 7pm Project, Channel 10; 6 June 2011

Superbug on its way: expert warns strain will spread through human contact
- The Sunday Mail; 5 June 2011

Calls for hospitals to highlight superbug infections
- The Courier Mail; 31 May 2011

Back to the future: breathing new life into old antibiotics to fight superbugs
- The Conversation; 30 May 2011

- Insight, SBS; 10 May 2011

A game plan to win the coming fight against superbugs
- The Conversation; 10 May 2011

Quick test puts sting on dengue fever
– Cairns Post; 16 July 2010

Bacteria Busting
– UQ News; March 2009 (116kb PDF)

Healthy outcome in medical funding
– UQ News; September 2007 (132kb PDF)