How to apply

We seek a diverse group of students with a genuine interest in tackling the global challenges of overcoming Antibiotic Resistance and decoding Genes and Genomics.

In 2022, up to eight IMB Global Challenge Scholarships are available for each theme.

Domestic and international-onshore students that meet UQ eligibility criteria and have a GPA higher than 5.65, are encouraged to make an IMB internal application. If your IMB internal application is successful, you will be put in touch with your chosen supervisor, and together, you will lodge an application to the UQ graduate school, for entry into the UQ Doctor of Philosophy program. We will guide you through these later steps.  

For now, please complete the IMB internal application below. Applications close on 15 August 2021. 

To apply please:

  1. Read the project titles and further information provided by supervisors
  2. Choose three projects you are interested in and place them in order of preference.
  3. Write a 150-200 word summary on your interest in the program
  4. Attach a short CV and academic transcript (Please follow these guidelines to build your academic CV).