Systems Genomics

We develop insights into the underlying biological mechanisms of human variation


Our research uses multiple layers of ‘omics data to investigate the regulation of the genome and its effect on human complex trait variation.

Our approach

By combining genetic analyses of complex traits and disease in large cohorts with ‘omics data (including DNA methlyation and gene-expression), we develop insights into the underlying biological mechanisms of human variation.

We approach this problem through the development and application of statistical and computational approaches to the analysis of high dimensional genomic data.

Research areas

Statistical methods for 'omics data

  • Statistical models of biological processes
  • Integrating 'omics data for phenotype prediction

Variation in molecular phenotypes

  • Genetic control of 'omics data
  • Environmental influences on genomic regulation

Human phenotypic variation

  • Molecular basis of phenotypic variation
  • Sex differences in genomic regulation


Brain Caudate basal ganglia


Group leader

Dr Allan McRae

Dr Allan McRae

Group Leader, Systems Genomics
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Our Team

Group Leader

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Research excellence

$1.3 billion+ commercial investment attracted to IMB research
1454 international collaborators
385 original publications in 2020
$28M in research funding last calendar year
20%+ of patent families at UQ are derived from IMB research
100% of donations go to the cause

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