It’s our pleasure to invite all IMB postdocs to the IMB ECR 2017 retreat!  

This retreat will be a scientifically valuable yet relaxing event that allows scientists to discuss their research, share ideas and seek advice from experts in areas outside their own field. 

Through this forum, we aim to foster new bonds between ECRs in different groups and divisions, and help ECRs discover the intellectual resources available at their doorstep through interacting with their peers.

Of course, social networking is another important aim for this retreat. We hope to strengthen the bonds between scientists from different groups in order to create a friendly and cooperative working environment here at IMB.

The 1.5 day program will include scientific talks from representatives from each group, plenary talks on career development and plenty of social sessions!

Thanks to sponsorship from the IMB, free lunches and dinner will be provided. 

Please RSVP via WebDB by 30 June to secure your seat! 

The program includes:

  • Get to know your IMB buddies — Short presentations from IMB ECRs & team building exercises
  • How to get funding? Information session on grant applications
  • Think outside academia — Career development seminars/panel discussions from experts outside academia
  • Free social networking lunches and dinner.

Please RSVP on WebDB by 15 June 2017.

Proudly supported by IMB and hosted by the IMB ECR Committee.


Hillstone Golf Course, Carawa St, St Lucia QLD 4067