Seminar details

12.30pm—1.30pm, Friday 23 September 2016, QBP Auditorium (Building 80), UQ St Lucia campus

Please note: Seating is limited. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.


Dr Drew Berry

Biomedical Animations Manager, WEHI.TV


Revealing the molecular world through biomedical animation

If it were technically possible to magnify objects 100 million times, we could directly watch the writhing dynamic molecular world of DNA. However, even with the most advanced microscopes, molecules can only be resolved as static blurry blobs with scientists relying on other techniques to determine how they interact and accomplish their roles in creating life.

To make visible this hidden world inside of us and make it accessible for wide audiences, Drew Berry creates detailed and accurate scientific animation that reveal the extraordinary discoveries being made at the frontier of scientific discovery.

Drawing together fragments of data from research labs, such as X-ray crystallography and time-lapse microscopy, his animations capture the bustling business of life from the seething surface of a stem cell to the careful copying and coiling of DNA within a cell as it divides. 

Speaker bio

Drew Berry will present the biomedical animations being created at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia.

Beginning his career as a cell biologist, Berry’s raw materials are technical reports, research data and models from scientific journals.

As an artist he works as a translator, from abstract and complicated scientific concepts into vivid and meaningful visual journeys.

His animations have exhibited at venues such as the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Institute of Great Britain and the University of Geneva. His animations have been shown in exhibitions, multimedia programs and television shows, and have received international recognition including an Emmy (2005) and a BAFTA Award (2004). In 2010 he received a MacArthur Fellowship “Genius Grant”.

Seminar host

Professor Paul Alewood, IMB Seminar Series Coordinator,



Qld Bioscience Precinct, Building 80, 306 Carmody Rd, UQ St Lucia