Explanation of the basis of research integrity policies, the principal polices, advisors' and candidates' main obligations, and the key sources of support and guidance that are available.

About HDR Training Week 2022

This HDR Training Week includes training modules focused on areas of research skills, transferable skills and professional skills that are ideally gained early in the HDR (Higher Degrees by Research - PhD/MPhil) process.

Between training sessions you will be connected to early career researchers, Group Leaders, and research staff to establish connections within the many layers of research and career knowledge and support that is available to you.

HDR Training week is a unique opportunity for the 1st year IMB HDR cohort to embark on their PhD journey together with networking events and team building activities to help students to get to know each other.

All events are open to all IMB students who see value in this training.

Early-stage (i.e those yet to complete milestone 1) are very strongly encouraged to attend, as this training was designed with you in mind and is your opportunity to come together as a cohort and form part of your valuable network of fellow students.


Queensland Bioscience Precinct, St.Lucia
QBP 3.142