The IMB welcomes you to the fourth series of 'Meet the Researcher' with Dr Emma Gordon and Dr Nathan Palpant.

Dr Gordon will provide an insight into her research on the formation and maintenance of the blood and lymphatic vascular systems, with a specific focus determining the precise molecular signals that control cell adhesion within the vessel wall’s surrounding environment.

Dr Palpant will enlighten you with his in-depth study on exactly how human stem cells can be turned into heart cells. Dr Palpant and his team’s work involves measuring changes in gene activity in individual cells as they move through the stages of heart development.

Session Overview:

Presentation from Dr Gordon and Dr Palpant

Tour of Dr Gordon and Dr Palpant’s laboratory

Meet with Dr Gordon and Dr Palpant’s team over light morning tea


About Meet the Researchers

Our Institute was built to inspire scientists, to cultivate interaction across a wide range of scientific disciplines, to generate adventurous innovative ideas, to foster revolutionary discoveries, and to translate our knowledge of nature to discover cures for a better world. Our researchers are the life force that makes this possible and drive incredible discoveries to save lives today and into the future.

Meet the Researchers series is your chance to connect in person and hear firsthand how they are advancing understanding in the life sciences, and learn what fuels their passion to close in gamechanger discoveries. 


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