Join prominent researchers to explore current research into the biology of ageing at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience.


Biology of Ageing Symposium

Fri 20 Sep 2019 9:00am5:00pm


Institute for Molecular Bioscience,
Building 80,
306 Carmody Rd, St Lucia
QBP large seminar room

Preliminary programme:

9am  Welcome: Christian Nefzger (IMB, UQ)

9:05am   MICROBIOME, METABOLISM AND AGEING (Chair: Christian Nefzger, IMB, UQ)

Dawn Bowdish, McMaster Immunology Research Centre, McMaster University
"Microbial dysbiosis drives age-associated inflammation and macrophage dysfunction"

Cesar Moreno, AIBN, UQ
“An ageing model to assess effects of ageing in iPSC-derived neurons and brain organoids”

Dan Blackmore, QBI, UQ
“Exercise and the ageing murine brain”

Denuja Karunakaran, IMB, UQ
“RIPK1-mediated inflammation in cardiometabolic diseases”

Abbi Das, St George Hospital, NSW
“Why we get frail and how to reverse it”

10:40am Morning Tea

11:05am MODEL SYSTEMS (Chair: Matt Sweet, IMB, UQ)

Linfa Wang, Duke NUS, Singapore
“Bats, longevity and viruses”

Arnaud Ahier, QBI, UQ
“Mitochondrial DNA mosaicism and mechanisms that modify mutation levels”

Anthony White, QIMRB
“Patient-derived 2D and 3D model systems to investigate blood-brain barrier and immune function in age-related neurodegeneration.”

12:15pm Move to the QBP Auditorium

12:30pm “Mechanisms for longevity and cancer resistance: lessons from long-lived mammals”
Vera Gorbunova, Department of Biology, University of Rochester

1:30pm Lunch

2:15pm AGEING AND DISEASE: (Chair: Kate Schroder, IMB, UQ)

Sonia Shah, IMB, UQ
“Using genetic data to inform repurposing of blood pressure drugs for Alzheimer’s disease”

Dhanisha Jhaveri, QBI, UQ
“Impact of adding new neurons in the adult brain on neural circuits and behaviour.”

Jess Mar, AIBN, UQ
“Investigating variability of gene expression to understand ageing”

Harrison Evans, QBI, UQ –
“Decreased ribosomal protein synthesis in tauopathy revealed by non-canonical amino acid labelling”

Rebecca Griffiths, AIBN, UQ
“Down syndrome brain organoids as models of ageing”.

Ken Walsh, Hematovascular Biology Center, University of Virginia
“Killer Clones: Clonal hematopoiesis and age-associated disease”.

4:15pm Closing comments: Kate Schroeder (IMB,UQ)

4:20pm -5pm Mixer



Dr Christian Nefzger