Irina Vetter
A/Prof Ana Travern

Battle to the end: how fungal pathogens manipulate and evade innate immunity

21 June 2019 12:00pm
Associate Professor Ana Travern will discuss her research fungal pathogens - including the emergence of superbugs - in the next seminar of IMB Friday Seminar.
Associate Professor Frédéric Gachon.

Regulation of mammalian physiology by circadian and feeding rhythms

28 June 2019 12:30pm
IMB group leader Associate Professor Frédéric Gachon will discuss his research into circadian rhythms in the next seminar of IMB Friday Seminar.
Professor Nick Loman

How can long reads help us diagnose and track microbial pathogens?

5 July 2019 12:00pm
University of Birmingham's Professor Nick Loman will discuss recent progress in developing a real-time genomics-informed outbreak system focused around real-time Oxford Nanopore sequencing methods.
Professor Trevor Lithgow.

Understanding and reversing the evolution of antimicrobial resistance: making superbugs less super

14 June 2019 12:30pm
Professor Trevor Lithgow will discuss his research into the rise of antimicrobial resistance in the next seminar of IMB Friday Seminar.
Professor Peter Macdonald.

Preservation of the donor heart – from the bench to the bedside

31 May 2019 12:30pm
Join Professor Peter Macdonald as he explains his research into preservation strategies to decrease the risk of heart injury for the process of transplantation.
Professor James Whisstock

The structure and molecular mechanism of pore formation by Macrophage Expressed Gene-1

24 May 2019 12:30pm
Professor James Whisstock will discuss his research in the next session of the IMB Friday Seminar.
Dr Kylie Quinn

An Ageing Army: How Ageing Undermines Immunity and Limits the Function of CD8 T cells

17 May 2019 12:30pm
RMIT University Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow Dr Kylie Quinn will discuss how she tracked the loss of CD8 T cells over the course of ageing.
Professor Bostjan Kobe

Signalling by cooperative assembly formation (SCAF) by TIR domains in innate immunity and cell death pathways

5 April 2019 12:30pm
Professor of Structural Biology and ARC Laureate Fellow at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences Professor Bostjan Kobe will discuss his research focus of on applying structural biology approaches to understanding proteins involved in infection and immunity.

Beyond the Ribosome: The role of the nucleolus in development and cancer

29 March 2019 12:30pm
Professor Ross Hannan, Head of the Department of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics at John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University, will discuss the role of the nucleolus in development and cancer in IMB's latest Friday Seminar.