Disorders of sex development, infertility and testicular cancer

Disorders of sex development, infertility and testicular cancer

Our research focuses on genes that regulate sex development—the molecular process that determines whether an embryo develops as a male or a female—and finding how problems with these genes can cause intersex, infertility and testicular cancer. 

We are studying SRY, the Y-chromosome maleness gene, and how it controls the genetic and cellular events leading to testis development and male sex determination.

We also use molecular genetics tools to identify other sex development genes and to study how these affect sex development, using transgenic and gene-knockout mice to answer questions about gene function.

Ultimately, we hope this research will help us to better understand the causes of human disorders of sex development, which affect up to 1 in every 250 children born each year, so that these disorders can be diagnosed more accurately and managed more effectively.

More broadly, the study of embryo development provides insight into mechanisms of disease, including cancer, and provides a molecular and cellular basis for new molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies.

MRKH Study

One specific project involves studying the genetics behind the rare condition Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.

To help us and our collaborators at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute identify gene mutations associated with this syndrome, we are recruiting women with MRKH and their families to provide blood samples from which we can extract and analyse DNA.

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