Design and discovery of bioactive peptides and proteins in venomous animals

Novel toxins from Australia’s venomous creatures as a platform for drug discovery

Peptide chemistry has enormous potential to aid in the understanding of fundamental physiology. As a consequence, it is at the forefront of new drug development, and peptide drugs are emerging as new candidates for vast numbers of ailments.

Professor Paul Alewood said that one such ailment familiar to many of us is pain, in particular chronic neuropathic pain.

“There are very few drugs that have much effect on chronic pain,” said Professor Alewood.

“Although they tend to work well with acute and inflammatory pain, drugs like paracetamol, aspirin and morphine simply do not target the sensory nerves involved in chronic pain.”

Professor Alewood’s group focuses on the discovery and development of peptide drugs that target chronic pain, with a major source of inspiration coming from our local venomous creatures.

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Prof Paul Alewood

Professor Paul Alewood

Group Leader, Chemistry and Structural Biology Division
Investigator, Centre for Pain Research

  +61 7 3346 2982
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